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Document Uploads

Folder Continuing Classroom Teacher Evaluation Summary: GBE (1 Files)
Download GBE: Continuing Classroom Teacher Eval
Folder SAFE-T: Planning (3 Files)
Download APS 2 Short-Range Planning of Instruction
Download APS 3 Planning Assessments & Using Data
Download Planning APS 1 Long-Range Planning
Folder SAFE-T Instruction (4 Files)
Download APS 4 Establishing and Maintaining High Expectations for Learners
Download APS 5 Using Instructional Strategies to Faciliate Learning
Download APS 6 Providing Content for Learners
Download APS 7 Monitoring Assessing and Enhancing Learning
Folder SAFE-T Classroom Environment (2 Files)
Download APS 8 Maintaining an Environment That Promotes Learning
Download APS 9 Maintaining the Classroom
Folder SAFE-T Professionalism (1 Files)
Download APS 10 Fulfilling Professional Responsibilities
Folder SAFE-T Guide and Important Dates (2 Files)
Download SAFE-T Guide for Teachers
Download SAFE-T Important Dates 2016-17
Folder SAFE-T Teacher Templates (4 Files)
Download TT#: Reflection on Instruction and Student Learning
Download TT$: Professional Self Assessment
Download TT1: Long Range Planning
Download TT2: Unit Work Sample
Folder SAFE-T Evaluator Templates (4 Files)
Download ET1: Classroom Observation Record
Download ET2: Professional Performance Review
Download ET3 Evaluation Summary
Download ET4 SAFE-T Log
Folder Student Learning Objectives (SLO) (3 Files)
Download SLO Checklist
Download SLO Feedback Form
Download SLO Template
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